This is the wreck that most of the people first come to North Carolina to dive. The wreck is small and intact and can be circumnavigated a couple of times during a normal dive. It is sitting on its keel, with a strong (45 degree?) list to the starboard side. Most of what you see on the bottom is the remains of the pressure hull. The U-boat's outer casing has, for the most part, rusted away. For experienced NC divers, the biggest challenge of the U-352 is waiting for the boat captain to hook the wreck. It's small size and rounded edges make it the one the captains love to hate. New NC divers, however, beware. For some reason, over the years, the U-352 has claimed more that its fair share of diving accidents and fatalities. I recently returned to the U-352 after not diving it....at least in the daylight...for nearly a decade. Did two dives on it and had a unexpectedly good time each dive. The wreck has some classic 'Kodak moments' and has an abundance of small to mid-size marine life. The starboard propeller has uncovered...something I certainly don't remember from 10 years ago and the bow seems to have collapsed and twisted a bit more. A fun dive, but still gets a bit crowded for my tastes if you are diving more than a '6 pack' or another boat beats you to the site. DATA FROM NC-WRECKDIVING.com

  • Location: 34.228033, -76.565117
  • Type: Wreck