Artificial Reef

This is one of those dives that can be a pleasant surprise for the off-shore NC deep diver — one can actually take a leisurely stroll around the wreck without having to worry about decompression time or checking your pressure gauge every couple of minutes! Just don't come here too often— and don't come here expecting offshore conditions. It is pretty rare for the viz or temp to approach Gulf Stream conditions, but it can happen! The wreck is so close to the surface though that any bright sun will make the viz appear better than it would be on deeper wreck. The Indra hull is completely intact so navigation is easy. And unlike the Theodore Parker, there are still some deck levels and structure which make the dive more interesting for you and the fish. According to the site map for AR-330, there are supposed to be some aircraft wreckage (F-4 and C-130s) a couple of hundred yards to the west of the Indra and some boxcars a couple of hundred yards to the southwest. I have never been on them. DATA FROM

  • Location: 34.557000, -76.851000
  • Type: Artificial Reef